How to get to Morrumbene

Morrumbene is off the beaten path, and thus it is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles. At this stage the Resort does not offer any type of transfers. Ensure that all tyres are deflated to 1 bar for optimal sand driving.


From Nelspruit, go through the Lebombo border post at Komatiepoort and drive towards Maputo. You will go through two toll roads. Look out for the XAI XAI signboard and turn left there. You are now on the EN1. Continue North on this road (you will go through various towns) and head towards Quissico Inharrime. There will be a lake on your right hand side. There is a fork at Lindela, keep left to Maxixe. Head to Morrumbene, which is about 30 km away from Maxixe. About 15 km after passing Morrumbene village there will be a board on your left saying “Morrumbene Beach Resort”. Turn right at the sign and follow the dirt road for 13 km. Follow the signboards directing you to the Resort at the turns. It is a long, winding sand road and there are no lights at night.

For those who would like to break the trip in two, the Blue Anchor Inn, 50 km North of Maputo is recommended. It is comfortable and reasonably priced.

Morrumbene 4 x 4